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Pregnant Woman

You've just found out that you are growing a new life inside of you. Your mind is racing with thoughts: Can I do this? Am I ready? What am I to expect now? You may be filled with excitement, apprehension, fear, nervousness, and many more emotions that you have not yet identified. This is where having someone come alongside you and walk with you as you navigate the ups, downs, and in between of this journey comes in. This is where I would love to be...with you as we partner to bring about the birth experience that you desire and deserve!

I'm Here for You!

From the very first consultation until the very last postpartum visit, I will work to provide a safe space for you and your partner/family. I will provide you with every resource to make sure that you are empowered and able to make your very own informed decisions about your care and birth. During our prenatal visits, we will practice positioning, comfort measures, breathing techniques, and hands-on techniques that will be utilized during your labor and birth. We will also discuss what you want your postpartum to look like: What happens when you return to work? Who will watch your new little one? What should your nutrition look like? How will you invest in self-care?


I believe in building relationships. Not just doula/client relationships, but the kind of relationship that lasts long after the birth. Being allowed into someone's personal and intimate space requires a level of trust that supersedes signing a contract. That's what I would like to offer you as your doula. 

I'd love to speak further with you and allow you to get a better feel of who I am and allow me to share with you more about how I can support you. If I have even slightly piqued your interest, feel free to reach out. I'd love to meet you!

To get started, simply fill out the form below:

Baby's Grasp
Classic Package

This package includes two prenatal visits to discuss your birth wishes, design your individualized birth plan, and discuss pain-reducing techniques to be implemented during labor and birth. This package also includes attendance of your labor and delivery and one postpartum visit to discuss your birth experience and any challenges postpartum (1hr). We will also discuss your plans for returning to school/work postpartum.

Little Baby Feet
Premium Package

This package mirrors the classic package with an additional prenatal visit (total 3). It includes either attendance to one (1) doctors appointment or one (1) childbirth education class and two postpartum visits (1hr each). We will construct a detailed and written plan for postpartum such as returning to work/school and plan a meal train to ensure that mom is accommodated nutritionally for at least one month postpartum

Pregnant belly
Supreme Package

This package mirrors the premium package with one additional prenatal visit (4 total) and two postpartum visits (1.5 hrs each). This package also includes a pamper-me-day for the birthing person (foot spa, mother blessing ceremony, and a meal between weeks 33-35), meal plan/prep for five meals based on the specifications of the birthing person. 

Virtual Services - GenDou.webp
Virtul Classic

Superior doula services are conducted via Zoom, Skype, Facetime, and other visual communication means in the comfort of your home. We aim to provide you with the highest quality of doula services, no matter where you are! 

Virtual Premium - GenDoula.webp
Virtul Premium

We will provide you with three prenatal visits, virtual birth support, two virtual postpartum visits - all from the comfort of your home. We will ensure that you have all of the support that you need as you transition to and through the motherhood - no matter where you are! 

Virtual Supreme - GenDoula.webp
Virtual Supreme

We offer four exceptional prenatal visits, virtual birth support, three virtual postpartum visits - all from the comfort of your home. Extra amenities include Pamper Me Day, Meal, and mother blessing ceremony will be virtually planned and orchestrated by Gennisi Birth Services)

Post Partum Doula Care - GenDoula.webp
Postpartum Doula Care

We provide families with insightful information and support on infant feeding, emotional and physical recovery from childbirth, infant soothing, and coping skills for new parents. This may also include light housework, fixing a meal and helping incorporate an older child into this new experience.

Drop In Post Partum GenDoula.webp
Drop-In Postpartum Doula Services

Do you need a few hours of rest? Do you need someone to come over and you meal prep, figure out breastfeeding, or straighten up a bit? This service is for those who don't necessarily want a permanent or long term contract, but may need to be able to hire a postpartum doula almost on the spur of the moment. This would also make a wonderful gift! 

Placenta Encapsulation

We provide exceptional placenta encapsulation services, which has been proven to showcase a host of benefits including a decrease in postpartum mood disorders, increased production of oxytocin, a decrease in stress hormones, restoration of iron levels following bleeding after birth, and increased milk supply.

Placenta Chocolates.webp
Placenta Chocolates

Along with our placenta encapsulation services, we offer you with grained version the placenta into fine chocolate. Consuming the placenta has numerous benefits, including a decrease in postpartum mood disorders, increased production of oxytocin, a decrease in stress hormones, restoration of iron levels following bleeding after birth, and increased milk supply.

Image by Mathilde Langevin
Placenta Salve

We create customized placenta salves, derived from prepared placenta powder. Placenta salve can be utilized topically on any skin irritation or minor wound to promote healing and comfort.


From early childhood, I have had a love and fascination for pregnancy, birth, and newborns. Initially, I desired to become an OB/GYN, but my plans were averted with life changes. However, my love for the mystery of conception, pregnancy, and birth continued to weigh heavily on my heart. After finding out about the opportunity to become a doula and researching what they do and what they stood for, my dream was reignited, and I pursued training to become a doula, officially. Ultimately, I desire to serve all women regardless of race, religious belief, sexual orientation, or socioeconomic status, through my business Gendoula.


I am incredibly passionate about serving the African American community and bringing awareness to the care that African American women need and deserve during this special time in their lives. In addition, I encourage women to become stronger advocates and make more informed healthcare choices. I am a professionally trained birth doula certified through ProDoula, a certified postpartum doula and placenta encapsulator through Women's Choice Perinataland a National Black Doula Association member. I am CPR certified (adult and pediatric) through the American Red Cross. Certifications currently in process: Childbirth Education Instructor and Placenta Encapsulation Instructor.

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