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Client Testimonials

Gennisi Birth Services has been fortunate to work with families all over East Tennessee, to ensure a healthy transition for both the mother and child. As a result, clients from all walks of life have utilized our services to aid with their preparation and postpartum birthing experiences - Explore the testimonials from some of our recent clients! 

Jean and Terjuna

Ty was personal, positive, and professional throughout my entire pregnancy. Thanks to her comprehensive services, my husband and I felt prepared for labor and childbirth, educated in our decisions, and comforted by having her on our team. This was our first viable pregnancy and our first time hiring a doula. We experienced a healthy labor and delivery and I attribute the success of our journey largely to the services that Ty enthusiastically provided. Gennisi Doula’s packages were straightforward, payment plans were accommodating to fit our needs, and Ty’s communication never wavered. She was a calm presence when contractions began and a warrior (in prayer and practice) in the delivery room. She went above and beyond our expectations. Everyone needs a doula whether for fertility, pregnancy, and postpartum. We love Ty, relied on her to welcome our baby boy into this world and to embrace parenthood with full confidence and support. Best doula ever!

Penny and David

When we were expecting our little girl in March of 2020, a doula was not someone I thought we needed. After a birthing class session at UT hospital, my husband looks at me and says, I think I want a doula. We were due in little more than a month and I figured no one would be able to take us, but I decided to look. We talked to a few doulas over the phone, but Ty Roberts gave me such a sense of calm. We decided to meet with her. One thing we love about Ty is she sees the whole family. My husband and his concerns were just as important to Ty as mine. It felt right. We had our birthing team. We met a few times. She got to know us and what was important to us. Little did I know at the time that COVID was about to take over the world and shut things down. Nor did I know that I would end up developing pre-eclampsia and have to be admitted/induced early. Ty was amazing. She was calm and knew just how to help us at every moment. The most important thing though was she was our advocate. She helped us through what ended up being a long few days. I was induced. Labor stalled. I ended up having a C-section. The important thing is we had a healthy little girl. I know we could have given birth without a doula. But I wouldn’t want to. Ty was amazing. We really felt she was there for us and she worked well with the nurses/midwives/doctors at the hospital. I 100% recommend Ty Roberts. She is a genuine soul with a heart for her clients.


I loved having ty as my doula. It was her first experience with being a doula and you wouldn’t have known. She advocated for me. She let me walk, take a shower, and bounce on the ball. She made me feel like I had control of my birthing experience. Thanks to her I was able to have my baby boy all natural. I’m so thankful for this woman. It was by far the best birthing experience I’ve ever had. I will definitely have her at my next birth! She was so calm and helped me so much. She still checks on us 2 years later. The best by far. 

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